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User interviews

Why it is useful:

User Interviews are helpful for getting clarity on users’ beliefs, current behaviors, expectations, or frustrations in order to determine the decisions of the product/service development:

Understanding patterns relating to user’s experiences, problems, behavior, and opinions (usually during initial discovery)

Testing early ideas for possible solutions before investing in their heavy implementation.

Understanding changing customer needs after a product/service is launched.

Getting confidence for development teams to move ahead with designs.

Helping create a new product idea, improve current product designs, or solve bad user experiences.

Defining user personas or deciding which product features to include.

Typically focus on learning:

Overall insights about how users perceive your product/service, and what are the reasons beyond those opinions.

To find out about user habits and interactions, beliefs, likes, and dislikes.

When to conduct:

User interviews are helpful to support the product development process from the early stage of ideation to the following steps of development.

Questions it will answer:

What do people think and feel about your product/service?
Why do users connect or do not connect with your brand?
How will people react to a new product/service change?
How will people react to a change or a solution to a known problem, which can give development teams the confidence to move ahead with designs?
Does users’ perception of a product/service meet their needs?


The length of the study could vary anywhere from a couple of days to several weeks – depending on the objectives of the study, the accessibility of the user group you want to focus the study on, and the number of user groups that needs to be involved in the study.

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