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Usability testing

Why it is useful:

Usability testing helps to identify and rectify usability deficiencies existing in products and accompanying support material.

Understanding how intuitive the product/service is

Understanding what the users think and feel about the product/service

How much the design is suitable for the specific market

Comparing design options while working on the redesign

Feature valuation

Predicting users' future behaviour

Typically focus on learning:

What target users consider useful and valued

What users find easy to use

How to help users to effectively and efficiently complete their tasks

What users find satisfying and delightful to use

When to conduct:

This method could be used at any stage of the development lifecycle, from early low-fidelity prototypes to fully implemented products/services.

Questions it will answer:

What do people think about using the product/service?
Is the product's essential functionality valuable for people?
How easy is the use of the product?
How easily do users understand how to use this interface, based on their previous experience?
Which features of the product/service are “walk up and use” and which will demand either help/explanation?Would users recommend the product/service?
Would users pay for the product/service?
How is the product positioned and valued with respect to the competitors?


The length of the study could vary anywhere from a couple of days to several weeks – depending on the objectives of the study, the accessibility of the user group you want to focus the study on, and the number of user groups that needs to be involved in the study.

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