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We provide tailor-made full-service UX Research support for each project.

We conduct remote studies using a diverse range of methods chosen for your study goals at any point of your product development lifecycle.

Our Services

We specialise in international remote UX research studies that help to reach business goals for any size organisation. The scale of the organisation and the challenges it deals with define the diversity of tools that should be used for effective UX study. This is why we apply a customized approach to the tools that we use each time.

We conduct mixed methods studies including (but not limited to) surveys, in-depth interviews, usability testing, benchmarking, competitive analysis, tree testing, card sorting, diary studies, personas, and journey mapping, We provide full services for each phase of research: study design, participant recruitment, data analysis, and presentation.

Early is better, but valuable at any time

Running a study at any stage of the project could be differently valuable. We do support UX Research at any stage: requirements gathering, development, pre-launch, or post-launch.


Get an empathic sense of what your users do, think, feel, and - finally - need.


Understand and frame the problem space to solve applied problems of design.


Make sure designed solutions work well for those who are meant to use them.


Understand exiting and new problems, behavioural patterns, and trends.

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