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We are a global network of professionals to support organisations with UX studies anywhere.

Daria Kosheleva

Founder | Principal UX Researcher

Daria Kosheleva graduated from Ural State Architectural Academy, where she studied industrial design, and Politecnico di Milano, where she specialized in Product Service System Design. From the beginning of her professional path and diverse industries that she worked for, she was dedicated to making useful and usable solutions for humans. This priority along the way, as well as her interest in edge technologies, brought her to UX Research.

Daria has conducted projects across the U.S. and EU and beyond. She worked with just-raised startups, as well as tech giants and government organisations. She had hands-on and leading positions during her career and judged professional international competitions.

Our Approach

Here are the principles that help us to be a results-oriented-first company:

Essence is essential

We look at the core, not on the surface, to deliver truly valuable results. We work on the reasons for your product/service problems, not on the consequences.

Not only users matters

Yes, we focus on your user's needs, but always with your business goals in mind. We aim toward the right balance in providing value for the user as well as the business.

Count uncountable

We care about how much impact our services deliver to clients. We  focus on getting business results out of studies, hence track the impact.

The right amount of research for each case

Research should be impactful and empower specific decision-making points. We are determined to apply the proper effort for each need, that will solve your problems.

Process transparency and agility

While conducting UX research, we keep its schedule visible for everyone, so that there is an opportunity to provide input at any time. Your team can shadow studies' activities.

Data is a source of actionable insights

The reason to collect data is to get actionable insights out of it. Our studies always end with a bunch of insights that are generated from gained data and that will be impactful for your product/service.

Projects' cosmos

We partner with companies of all sizes, from any part of the world. Let’s get in touch and discuss what we can do for you.

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